A Different Usage For Each Type Of Bag

-EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES: bags used daily for shopping, running errands, casual outings or visiting friends should be comfortable and medium in size, so they don’t get in the way while you move around. The best handbag models for these occasions are_ hobo_,_ bowling_ and_ baguette. _

-GOING TO WORK: the bags used to go to work must be of good quality, large and resistant, since we spend most of the day working. The most appropriate bags to go to work are the_ satchel, doctor style_ and_ tote._ Adapt your bag to the dress code of the place where you work, which will determine if your bag should be elegant.

-EVENING OUTINGS: the bags you use for any evening outing such as parties or special events should make you stand out from the crowd. To achieve this you should use small bags that highlight your style. Remember that you will only carry the essentials: cell phone, money, keys and makeup. The most suitable bags for these occasions are the_ flap _and_ clutch._

-TRAVEL: bags intended for travel should be large, functional and lightweight. The most appropriate bags for traveling are extra large bags, suitcases and backpacks. If you want to travel through different landscapes you should choose a shoulder strap bag to carry maps, personal documents and your camera.


As you can see the different types of bags have a DIFFERENT USAGE depending on the occasion for which they are intended. The key is to know how to choose among so many models and not only look at their aesthetic appearance.