6 Men’s Apparel Worn For Comfort And Style

Any garment or clothing worn by humans is called apparel. When it comes to men’s apparel, it can be anything from shirts, shorts, and even socks. There are many types of men’s apparel in the market and we need to choose the right one to stay comfortable wherever we go. Today we will list 6 of them.

1) Men's long sleeve sea tee

Simple design but soft to touch, this is a relaxed fit for everyday style

* Comes in 1 classic color, 6 limited edition colors, and 3 deal colors
* Comes in elevated details

2) Men's natural run short

Made with lightweight fabric and with a bit of stretchiness for your freedom of movement

* Comes in 6 limited edition colors and 2 deals colors
* Comes with front and back pockets
* Comes with a 7-inch inseam in a relaxed fit

3) Men's R&R hoodie

A classic hoodie that comes in structured style yet cozy and soft to touch

* Comes in 2 classic colors and 4 limited edition colors
* Made with 50% organic Peruvian Pima cotton, 30% hemp, and 20% Tencel lyocell

4) Men's R&R sweatpant

This pant is carbon neutral thanks to its combination of natural materials and carbon credits

* Comes tapered at the leg
* Comes in 2 classic colors and 4 limited edition colors
* Comes in 7 sizes

5) Men's Trino boxer brief

Made in Vietnam with breathable natural materials to give the soft touch it needs

* Comes in 3 classic colors and 7 limited edition colors
* Comes in 5 sizes
* Comes with 5.5 inches inseam with a fly

6) Trino cozy crew

Made with breathable and odor-reducing fabric to keep your feet warm all day long

* It comes in 3 colors
* Comes in 4 sizes

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