Sneakers: How Not To Wear Them Wrong

First of all, it does not take much knowledge about fashion styles and suitable outfits for various occasions to understand that you should never wear sneakers for formal occasions. Everyone knows this fashion tip and it should never be overlooked.

Another way of wearing sneakers wrong is at the office. If you have a job that requires a more formal dress code, wearing sneakers is a grave mistake. You can go for casual shoes such as oxford shoes but sneakers are not for the office.

Moving forward, sneakers are a really bad idea if you are visiting a foreign city or country. As a tourist, sneakers will prove to be a very bad choice. The problem with sneakers is that they have a thinner sole. Walking on pavements and for long distances, will result in severe foot pain. For walking, you should get proper walking shoes. Sneakers are much more suitable for short walks, driving, or other situations in which you do not have to move for hours. You should never depend on just a pair of sneakers for all situations. You need to have several types of shoes in your wardrobe for different occasions.

Lastly, sneakers are never a great idea as a choice for shoes during the winter season or when it is raining heavily. If you do want to wear sneakers when it is raining, they should be waterproof and they should be taller to avoid getting your feet wet. Also, when it gets below freezing point outside, you should wear proper shoes. Sneakers will not keep your feet warm. You need some warm boots, especially if you plan to walk a lot in the cold.