How To Wear Eyeliner Easily For Beginners

Applying eyeliner is a little tricky for some people. Especially for those who are beginners. Here are tips for using eyeliner for beginners.

1. Apply an eyeliner that matches your eye shape

Everyone’s eye shape is different, therefore, identify your eye shape so that when you are about to apply eyeliner, you will know what kind of eyeliner is suitable for your eyes.

2. Use the type of eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, for those of you who are beginners

For those of you who have just tried the world of make-up or dressing up with eyeliner, use a pencil eyeliner. Using this pencil eyeliner is easier for those of you who are beginners. And also as an experiment it will not overflow compared to other types of eyeliner

3. How to use eyeliner in the correct position

The next step for how to use eyeliner is to determine the correct position. Apply the eyeliner in a sitting position and place your hands on a stable table. This is done so that the hands do not shake and minimize unwanted mistakes.

4. Tilt your head a little when applying eyeliner

When applying eyeliner, tilt your head slightly so you can see your eye line more clearly. How to use this eyeliner instead of applying it by pulling the tip of the eye. Do not pull on the tip of the eye, because the tip of the eye is very sensitive and actually accelerates the aging process of the skin

5. Make dots or lines

So as not to skew or avoid different thicknesses. Make dots or lines on your eyelids and then add more. You can skip the way to use eyeliner if you don’t think it’s necessary.

6. Brush the eyeliner in one direction and wipe once

The way to use eyeliner so that the thickness is evenly distributed is with one stroke. After creating dots or lines, run the eyeliner from end to end with just one stroke. That way, the thickness will be evenly distributed.

7. Rub again until you reach the desired thickness

If it is not thick enough, wipe again from the edges. Remember! End-to-end. Don’t be in the middle..