7 Eyeshadow Tips Get Your Ready

Tip #1

Put concealer on your lids before applying eyeshadow. Concealer makes the eyeshadow really stick to the skin and last longer.

Tip #2

Put on base color first. This color shall be close to your skin tone. This is for more natural looks. But if you are going for less natural colors, put on the lightest color first.

Tip #3

You go from lightest to darkest when it comes to applying colors. Do not start from dark to light and hope that they will blend later on.

Tip #4

Always tap off the excess from your brush. It is much better to have few on your brush rather than too much. You could always build up your eyeshadow, but when you put too much, it will be difficult to remove.

Tip #5

Take time to blend. You do not want harsh lines on your eyes. Blend the colors together. It may take some time but you have to be really patient. Before, I thought that I know how to put on eyeshadow. Years later, I realized that my eyeshadow has really harsh lines and I hated seeing the pictures.

Tip #6

Experiment. You would not know what would look good on you or what you particularly like if you would not try out various eye looks. If you are into neutrals then go. If you like bold eyeshadow, then that’s okay too!

Tip #7

Use different brushes. Brushes have various functions. And you don’t want to use a brush you already used with a dark color to be used again with a lighter one. That would end up ugly, trust me.