Couple Fashion Looks 2021

#1 Matching shirts

You may match shirts in similar colors or shirts that have the same print but are of different colors. Or you may purchase shirts belonging to the same line but in different colors or different designs. This way, your matching shirts would not be as obvious and you do not have exactly the same shirt. You may style your shirt with a skirt if your boyfriend wears shorts. Or you may tie it up to show your midriff as you both wear jeans. Just make sure that you vibe.

#2 Similar color scheme and materials

You may choose to wear clothes in the same color scheme instead and of the same materials such as wearing pastel shirts, denim jackets, a blue palette of clothes, corduroy, velvet, et cetera. You may wear autumn colors too, or shades of orange. It depends on what you agree upon.

#3 Same fashion style

You should definitely sport the same fashion style when you go out. If one of you is wearing streetwear, then the other should wear streetwear too in order to match. You may wear casual outfits together or formal outfits. Wear your Sunday’s best or just some lounge wear. It is better this way so that no one is overdressed or underdressed.

These are just some simple ways to match. It all depends on you how you show your love for one another through your couple looks in your own style.