Choosing The Right Foundation For You

The first thing you need to understand is that no foundation is good for all or many. Therefore, you need to find the right one applicable for you and then learn how to properly use it.

First, you need to find your correct skin tone then your undertone. These two are essential in finding the right foundation for you. Skin tones are classified into Light, Medium, Dark/Deep tones. Undertones are described as Cool, Neutral, and Warm. Although skin tone may be easier to identify, undertone is a bit more difficult to know. Do the easy undertone tests to determine yours like the wrist test and the sun test.

After you have a clearer understanding of your skin tone and undertone, you can now try to pick the ideal foundation for you. Consequently, it would be a lot easier to narrow down choices as oppose to when you don’t know your skin tone. From selections available to you, choose top 3 that you believe go with your tones. Apply a dash of each one on your jawline (consider how they look on your neck, too) and then choose what looks best. Remove the other two least like-lies and then spread the chosen one on your face. Using a swab of cotton filled with make up remover, sweep some of the foundation off. If there is not much difference between your foundation and your face, then that’s the right foundation for you. If you notice a difference then try another shade and repeat the cycle until you find that perfect match.