How To Care For Your Lips On A Budget

The Misconception

A lot of women think that their lips will remain the same and the same size until the day they die when it’s not the truth at all. Lips just like the rest of you age and wither and shrink when not cared for. If you have big lips, then caring for them will always pay off. Uncared for lips will eventually retain their damage. The key is consistency and never leaving them dry.

Building A Lip Mask

Yes, a lip mask. It may seem tedious, but it always pays off. Here’s how you can do this.

Eye Cream

Eye cream is highly moisturizing, the effects of which are highly valuable for your lips, too. Any product for the eyes are safe for your lips. Massage this onto your lips until it’s dry.

Coconut And Castor Oil

Your base must be the epitome of moisturization. Rub equal parts of both oils to encourage blood flow into the lips and stop when you’re satisfied. Coconut oil is your carrier oil, taking the castor into the deeper layers of your lips.

Seal It

Whether you’re outside or going to bed, it’s best to seal all this in with products similar to Vaseline. Petroleum jelly is moisturizing on its own already, but it protects your lips from the elements and seals the healing in.