How To Make An Outfit Work For You

We all need advice sometimes, especially when it comes to fashion and making ourselves look presentable, no matter what kind of outfit or style or theme it is. There are ways to have a fool proof wardrobe to eliminate the stress of putting together an outfit at the last minute. And if you stick around, this article will show you how to make an outfit work for you, even on your worst days.

Outfit Capsules

Outfit capsules may sound strange for people who have never heard of this concept before, but outfit capsules are simply outfits in pairs or sets that are prepared for any eventuality, for any event and any day that you’re sure work for you and fit you effortlessly.

What we’re looking for in outfit capsules are the staples in our wardrobe, the outfits that have never failed you and hold together for a day you know you’ll be busy or one that you know will cause you anxiety, so your outfit becomes one less thing you have to worry about.

Personal Preference

A lot of the reason we don’t feel confident in our clothes is the fact that we haven’t found our style yet. When you don’t have that, all your outfits will fail. If you see young teens or young adults in outfits that are either overdone or not done enough, you tend to get a half baked or overly layered awkward outfit that belongs on no one and to no style genre.

That’s because they’re still in the phase of discovering themselves and their style preference, and this transitional phase is seen overtly on them. If you are an adult this is something you should already have down. Know yourself, and you shall know your wardrobe, only then can you know what outfits you should be wearing.

Skillful Shopping

An overflowing wardrobe is not synonymous to a good wardrobe. If you have a closet teeming with outfits and items you know you won’t wear, then you have failed. Thanks to the previous steps on this list, you have been able to form an idea of your style preference and your outfit staples, giving you a clear list of what goes together and what doesn’t, which outfits look good on your body shape, and those that don’t.

When you become a better shopper and are strategic with the outfits that you wear, you eliminate the anxiety, the stress of having to string together an outfit. When you go out to shop, have a fixed idea of what looks good on you. Bring inspiration with you on your phone and stick to your staples until you feel confident enough to try something new again and be sure to keep making new outfit staples in the future.