Setting Powder And Setting Spray Miracle

You should definitely put on setting powder or setting spray or maybe even both. Especially when you are oily, you may want to use mattifying products on your skin that would not add more oil to your face. These products would also make the makeup stay a lot longer. Then setting powder is your best friend. After you have done your make up, get your powder brush and set it all with setting powder. You may even do the make up technique of baking to set your face even more and to add more highlight to certain areas. Nonetheless, if you are not a fan of powders and you want a more glowing finish, you may opt for a setting spray instead. Setting sprays do not always give glowy effects though. But what’s great about them is that they melt the product on your face together. The powder and the concealer and even the foundation will be blended altogether to create a smooth finish. This also hides your pores. And this product will make your make up last even longer.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a setting powder and a setting spray now and extend the longevity of your make up look!