How To Make Salicylic Acid Work For You

How Salicylic Acid Is Beneficial


Your skin piles on the dirt. If you don’t take care of it, it’ll harm and even damage it. While it is a huge misconception that salicylic acid is harmful for your skin, other exfoliators are arguably so much worse. Physical exfoliators such as face scrubs use sometimes harmful ingredients that can cause micro tears on your face. You may not see them, but they’re there. Face brushes are soft and innocent looking, but when used on the face, they simply are not. Toners don’t even cleanse as much and mess with your face’s PH balance as well.

Cell Turn Over

The best thing about salicylic acid is its ability to get rid of your dead skin cells on your face in order to encourage new ones to come out and essentially resurface. When done consistently, you will look fresh faced and porcelain skinned. It is also of note that consistent users of salicylic acid tend to avoid the pimple breakout or minimize the amount at which it happens. This is because the debris on the face is cleared so much more effectively by salicylic acid.

Don’t Overdo It

Salicylic acid may be a godsend, but just like anything else, if overdone, it can cause damage. Salicylic acid is effective, and because of its efficacy, it has a danger of damaging your face’s moisture barrier when done too often. It is also important to watch the percentage of the acid you’re buying. 2% to 5% is within the safe range where you can withstand the sting and won’t damage you face.